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Crawler mounted drilling rig

Drilling diameter
75-300 mm
Drilling depth
530 m
Vertical axis speed
32-1057 r/min


  Main features:
  1, rig adopts mw525 type automobile transmission assembly, cloud in 490 car powertrain, has the 10 series and the reasonable range of speed regulation of speed, torque, the bearing capacity is strong, can realize remote operation speed, convenient operation and concentrated.
  2, adopting caterpillar chassis, support oil cylinder stroke 1.5 m can automatic loading, relocation transportation is convenient.
  3, having hydraulic feed mechanism, improve drilling efficiency.
  4, equipped with a pressure gauge indicating pressure at the bottom of the bore, easy to master the hole.
  5, have often closed hydraulic clamping, convenient and flexible manipulation.
  6, vertical shaft can be realized and hoist of independent operation.
  7, vertical shaft hole diameter is large, can be used in large six-party active drill pipe.
Machine parameters
Drilling depth 530m
Drilling diameter 75-300mm
Hole diameter 300mm
Final hole diameter 75mm
Drill pipe Φ60
Drilling inclination 90°--65°
Vertical axis
Vertical axis forward speed 32-1057r/min
Vertical axis reversal speed 29-137r/min
Vertical axis travel 600mm
Vertical shaft bore diameter 96mm
The main winch
Single rope to enhance speed 0.5-1.9m/s
Rope diameter 12.5mm
Single rope to enhance ability 30kN
Reel diameter 300mm
Reel capacity 65m
Mud pump (optional)
Horizontal three-cylinder BW-250 mud pump BW-250 mud pump
Displacement 250L/min
Work pressure 80kgcm²
Intake pipe diameter 76mm
Outlet diameter 51mm
Gear pump
Double gear pump CBF-F63/25
Pre-flow pressure 63L/min 20Mpa
Post-flow pressure 25L/min 20Mpa
Rig power 
Diesel engine YN27/39kw/2400rpm
Motor Y180L-4/22kW/1470rpm
Weight size 
Rig weight 7000KG
Dimensions 2500×900×1800mm


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