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Full hydraulic multi-purpose drilling rig

Drilling diameter
ф150-ф250 mm
Drilling depth
130-170 m
Vertical axis speed
10/20/30/35/40/60/65/70/85/130/170 r/min


  This model belongs to full hydraulic rotary anchor type engineering drilling rig, which is mainly suitable for engineering construction such as foundation pit excavation and control of building displacement and geological disasters in the city. Rig structure with a one-piece, with crawler walking chassis and clamping shackle. The crawler chassis moves quickly and the holes are convenient for centering. The clamping and releasing device can disassemble the drill pipe and the casing automatically, reducing the labor intensity of workers and improving the construction efficiency.
  Machine introduction:
  1, the shell: the installation of the shell shape makes the machine more scientific, but also protect the key hydraulic parts from pollution.
  2, Outriggers: Not only to allow the cylinder from damage, but also enhance the support strength.
  3, console: split console, make the operation more simple, to avoid misuse.
  4, Track: longer and stronger track, effectively prevent sagging, to adapt to a wider range of strata.
  5, (optional) Lifting: Adjustable orifice height, no longer depends on the level of the face.
  6, (optional) Automatic turntable: eliminating manual labor, easier and more convenient.
  7, through-hole high pressure faucet: the necessary equipment to expand the head construction.
  8, Power head: The drilling machine gyrator is driven by a double hydraulic motor, with big output torque and lower swing center than similar products, which greatly improves the balance of drilling rig drilling. Expansion joints configured to greatly extend the drill pipe thread life.
  9, cooling system: According to the customer's special conditions, the cooling system is optimized to ensure that the hydraulic system when the outdoor temperature is 45 ℃, the maximum temperature does not exceed 70 ℃.
  Construction features:
  1, optional with the special drill pipe drilling tools (drill pipe, casing, eccentric drill, etc.), in the unstable formation casing wall openings, the conventional ball-bit drill hole. High drilling efficiency, good hole quality.
  2, the drilling rig is mainly suitable for deep foundation pit anchor support, but also through the rotary spray module replacement, so that drilling rig can be rotary jet spray construction. In addition, the machine also has a strong performance in the construction of geothermal holes, precipitation wells, micro-steel pipe piles and micro-pouring pile.
  3, In addition to crawler chassis crawler, gripping and unloading buckle and turntable, we also provide users with spin-jet module and other options, the user when ordering rig overlay matching, so that our rig more suitable for your project.


The main parameters
Drilling diameter ф150-ф250(mm)
Drilling depth 130-170(m)
Final hole diameter 75mm
Drill rod diameter / casing diameter Ф73、ф89、ф102、ф114(mm)
Drilling inclination 0-90(° )
Rotator output speed 10/20/30/35/40/60/65/70/85/130/170(r/min)
Rotator output torque 7500(N.m)
Rotor travel 3400(mm)
Revolver lift 70(kN)
Revolver to increase speed 0-5/7/23/30(m/min)
Gyrator pressure 36(kN)
Rotator speed 0-10 adjustable pressure 0-10/14/46/59(m/min)
Walking parameters
Walking way Crawler walk
Climbing angle 25(° )
Track ground pressure 36(kpa)
Walking speed 20(km/h)
Rotation parameters
Rotation method Machine manual rotation (automatic rotation optional)
Rotating structure Slewing bearings
Targeting Positioning pin
Input power
Input power (diesel engine) 55+18.5(KW)
Transport status (degrees x width x height) 5400x2100x2000(mm)
Weight 6000(kg)


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