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Industry News

Focus on the importance of component development and selection
  The key parts and components of construction machinery are the basis for the development of construction machinery products, supporting and restricting bottlenecks. After the development of construc
Hydraulic rig maintenance hydraulic system
Release time:
2018-01-08 11:06
  Hydraulic technology is a late development, but the rapid development of new technologies, is based on fluid dynamics and gradually developed. It is mainly the use of liquid pressure and force trans
Dug well positioning folk common sense
Release time:
2018-01-08 11:06
  1, cracks in the rock roof, more than halfway up the waist   2, rock formation as the table, water is not too much   3, rock slope slope, slope water more   4, cistern rock water storage, water-rich
Rig construction efficiency and high factors
Release time:
2018-01-08 11:04
  According to statistics, at present the total amount of domestic drilling rig enterprises has more than a thousand, fierce competition, and in many construction teams to create different profits, es
Drilling machine internal knowledge is very rich
  Many people more understanding of drilling machine is still very one-sided, in fact, drilling machine inside is very rich, and today we simply to shun once.   (1) Drilling machine drill bit oblique
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