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Wang Yumin to my county research talent

Wang Yumin to my county research talent

  On May 4, Wang Yumin, deputy director of Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee and director of the Municipal Committee of Veteran Cadres, came to our county to study the talent work of enterprises. County leaders Wang Hao Yu, Liu Yuhua, Wan Mingguo, Wang Shilong, accompanied by Guo Qianjian.
  Wang Yumin and his entourage went to Wei Lei Ke Garments Co., Ltd., Royal Court Technology Co., Ltd., Julong Hydraulic Co., Ltd., Wen Road Technology Co., Ltd., gongsheng Automobile Co., Ltd., Central State Electronics Co., Ltd. conducted field research. The enterprises paid more attention to talent and innovation, take the initiative to connect with scientific research institutes to introduce high-tech talents, carry out the cooperation among industry, university and research institutes to promote their development. They fully affirmed the prospects for the development of the enterprise. I hope my county enterprises to actively contact colleges and universities, docking experts and professors, the introduction of more professionals in the production process into more scientific and technological content, and promote sound and rapid development of enterprises.
  Wang Yumin expressed satisfaction with the achievements made in the work of personnel work in our county. He pointed out that the work of talents is of great significance. In carrying out the work of personnel, the leaders of our county attach great importance to the effective measures and the work is fruitful. The next step is to continue to increase the pool of qualified personnel, adhere to the party's management of personnel, focus on solving the outstanding problems in the construction of qualified personnel, and promote institutional reform and policy innovation in personnel development so that talent resources can truly become the core driving force for promoting the development of various undertakings in our county .
  It is learned that in recent years, the county has established and improved the leadership mechanism for the work of personnel work, and the leadership and working strength of personnel are sufficient and powerful. In terms of recruit talents, the county comprehensively decompose and fulfill the responsibility, and constantly improve the personnel information base, many ways to attract talent, based on industrial development, business needs and expertise, targeted docking, with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Yang Bee Institute, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shandong University, Shandong Agricultural University, Qingdao University, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Qingdao Agricultural University and other universities, research institutes to establish a cooperative relationship. In terms of talent utilization mechanism, the county set up a highly educated personnel volunteer service team, arranged more than 20 episodes of services for the unit enterprises to solve more than 120 issues, at the same time, my county also launched a selection of outstanding pioneering and innovative talents, to play a good role , Reward large contributors to fully stimulate the vitality of the introduction of talent. In optimizing the environment for the development of talented people, our county has established a mechanism of caring for talented people, further strengthening education and training, and truly creating a favorable environment for attracting talent, employing qualified personnel and retaining qualified personnel.
  Through our efforts in recent years, our county has established a large pattern of school-enterprise cooperation. As a result, the achievements of experts and individual enterprises have also been continuously enriched. Up to now, there have been 86 enterprises and industries in our county and universities and colleges cooperated. Last year, all kinds of experts and professors introduced Come to my county inspection guide nearly a thousand times, for the county business development has injected new impetus.