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Sales one:+86-539-4271399        Fax:+86-539-4835288

Sales two:+86-539-8608597        Fax:+86-539-8608597


Add:Economic development zone Mengyin, Shandong Province. China


Shandong Julong Hydraulic Machine Co.,Ltd.


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Sales and Service

Service Profile

Shandong Julong Hydraulic Machine Co.,Ltd.
After-sales service:+86-400-699-0058 
Service philosophy
Focus on service, sincerely to customers, rest assured that the quality
Service purposes
When the price is forgotten, the quality will last forever
Touched the user is our eternal pursuit of your criticism and suggestions to promote the healthy growth of Parc Royale
1, during the warranty period, if the equipment fails, after receiving the customer notice after-sales staff to give advice within two hours. On-site service 24 hours a day in the area within 300 kilometers of the province and its surroundings, within 48 hours of other provinces (cities, districts) and in remote areas within 72 hours (except for those areas where there is no cell phone signal);
2, Where the company staff did not fulfill the above commitments, or poor service attitude, please call 0539-4899789 for complaints.